A free, 4-day online event to help gardeners in hot climates successfully grow their own food (even with limited time and space).

Coming February, 2025!

This year's event has ended. Join the waitlist to be the first to know when you can get your free ticket for our next event and make huge progress towards growing your best garden yet!


Meet Your Host

Hi, I'm Audrey Crawford!

Gardening is one of my greatest passions and I have grown a garden in the hot Central Valley of California (Zone 9b) my entire life. I have learned skills and techniques passed down from 3 generations of family farmers, but most importantly I have learned from experience, trial and error.

Gardening is a lifelong journey and my goal is to help you succeed by sharing what I've learned and by breaking down complicated gardening advice into simple and actionable steps that will make gardening fun and easy, but most importantly worth it!

There is truly no better joy than watching your hard work pay off when you harvest your own food! 

Grab your free ticket and join me and 15+ gardening experts for a one of a kind event that will help you grow your best garden yet!